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Automatic plating equipment production line how to clean better

The use of mechanical or hydraulic means to remove the surface of the electroplating equipment, the method of physical cleaning called physical cleaning, in addition, the use of heat, current, ultrasound and ultraviolet light and other methods of automatic plating equipment production line decontamination, so the use of thermal, mechanical, optical , The principle of electricity to remove surface dirt methods should be classified as physical cleaning range.

The use of chemicals or other aqueous solution to remove liquid surface dirt method called chemical cleaning. Common chemical cleaning with a variety of inorganic or organic acid to remove the metal surface rust, scale, with bleach oxidants to remove the surface of the stain, with fungicides, disinfectants to kill microorganisms and remove the surface of the object attached to the dirt or mildew The Features

The advantage of chemical cleaning is that many chemicals react quickly, the disadvantage is that chemical cleaning fluid is not properly selected, will cause corrosion of the substrate cleaning, resulting in loss.

Some chemicals are liquid, usually dubbed in aqueous solution. Because the liquid has good fluidity and strong penetration, it is easy to distribute evenly to all the cleaning surfaces. It is suitable for cleaning complex objects without cleaning. Of the "dead ends".

Chemical cleaning waste discharge is the cause of environmental pollution, so chemical cleaning must be equipped with wastewater treatment device, and other chemical treatment is not handled properly when the workers will be harmful to health hazards.

Physical cleaning, in many cases the use of dry cleaning automatic plating equipment production line, there is no problem of waste water treatment, even if the use of water erosion erosion of the high pressure flushing, due to the discharge of water does not exist difficult chemical reagents, it is easier To deal with.

In contrast, the physical cleaning of the environment pollution, the health of workers are less damage, and the physical cleaning of the cleaning body without corrosion damage.

The disadvantage of physical cleaning is in the complex structure of the internal cleaning equipment, the force sometimes can not even reach all parts of the "dead", and sometimes need to disassemble the equipment for cleaning, due to downtime caused by the loss. In order to improve the power of cleaning often need to be equipped with the corresponding power equipment, as well as the size of the large handling of the shortcomings of inconvenience.

Because of the physical cleaning and chemical cleaning have a good complementarity, so in the automatic plating equipment production lines are often combined with the two to get better cleaning results.

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