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Electroplating production line manufacturers for you to explain the coating anti-corrosion technology

With the successful research of Zn-Ni alloy plating and passivation process, Zn-Ni alloy will play its excellent anti-corrosion performance and be fully applied in the anti-corrosion of uranium and uranium alloys. Uranium and uranium alloy corrosion-resistant plating layer there is a problem of poor coating density, which is mainly electroplating production line manufacturers during the plating process of the cathode side of the adsorption of hydrogen molecules due. In order to further improve the density of the coating and improve the physical and chemical properties of the coating, pulse plating can be used to obtain a more refined coating, lower coating stress, lower hydrogen content of the better performance of the coating.

The electroplating layer can provide effective protection for uranium and uranium alloys. The key factors that affect the corrosion resistance of the coating to the substrate are the tightness and adhesion of the coating.

The ferric chloride etchant provides a suitable surface roughness to allow the coating to form a good mechanical bond with the substrate and is more stable. Electroplating production line manufacturers in the water and chloride solution, dense nickel coating on uranium and uranium alloys show a certain physical protection, once the pores, the corrosion rate will be due to local galvanic corrosion and increase.

The zinc coating provides electrochemical protection of uranium and uranium alloys to sacrificial anodes. The chromate-passivated Ni + Zn coating exhibits the best physical protection and sacrificial anode protection for uranium and uranium alloys. Although the corrosion resistance of the Zn-Ni alloy coating is good, the electroplating line manufacturers can provide a physical barrier to the uranium and uranium alloys and provide a double protective effect on the anode, but there is a problem of coating densification and passivation so that the uranium and uranium Protection capacity is less than Ni + Zn double coating.

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