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Guangdong Jianzheng Electroplating Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, under which Guangzhou Panyu Jianzheng Electroplating Equipment Factory and Guangdong Zhengzheng Chongqing Branch are established (in 2005, 2012 and 2018 respectively). . Guangdong is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, design, production and manufacture of surface treatment equipment, environmental protection, painting and other equipment. Strong research and development technology, advanced production equipment. Over the years, we have learned from domestic and foreign advanced production experience and continuous research and development and innovation. With high-quality products and humanized design, it has won wide recognition and praise from domestic and foreign customers. The company's production is rigorous and conscientious. The main raw materials for production are from world famous manufacturers such as Germany, Japan and Italy. We deliver to every customer with excellent quality, excellent performance and fast after-sales service.
All along, our company is people-oriented, constantly introducing advanced technology at home and abroad, and attracting a large number of senior engineering and technical personnel and enterprise management personnel. It has gathered experts in various industries such as machinery, electromechanical, automation design, environmental protection and energy conservation. In the planning of the previous planning, plant, process, equipment, energy saving, spraying, wastewater, waste gas treatment, clean production, etc., with rich experience and unique insights, providing customers with strong technical support. More than 20 professional engineers such as electroplating technology, mechanical and electrical, information automation. An independent product research and development organization was also established, and advanced computer-aided design systems were established. Has a large number of independent intellectual property rights and patents.
Our company adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "seeking progress with science, surviving with quality, recycling resources", and the enterprise tenet of "scientific innovation, credit first, customer first", and is constantly learning and enterprising, First-class quality, first-class service, to meet customer needs. The main applications of the products are: powder coating production line, DISK electrostatic automatic coating line, PCB plating, aluminum (alloy) anodizing and hard oxidation, ABS plastic parts plating, hardware, electronic product plating, auto parts plating Production, sponge plating production, lighting, decoration, bathroom and other products, as well as chemical nickel barrel plating and hanging plating production.
The company is the majority of high-tech enterprise units, the executive director unit of Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association, the governing unit and strategic partner of Hunan Electroplating Industry Association, the surface research and development manufacturing base of China Aviation Industry Changsha Institute, and the top ten electroplating innovation enterprises in China ( China's top ten plating equipment suppliers). All along, our company relies on continuous innovation, continuous research and development, continuous enterprising spirit, based on quality, integrity management for the majority of domestic and foreign new and old customers to provide caring services, see we have been working hard.