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Brief description of safe operation of electroplating equipment

In the electroplating process, in order to ensure the safe production and the safe use of equipment, the operator should pay attention to the following matters:

Adjust the plating bath, plating solution and ancillary equipment must bring safety glasses and rubber gloves.

In the electroplating equipment maintenance process, maintenance personnel should be specialized training or to be under the leadership of electrical maintenance engineers to operate.

Adjust the maintenance of electroplating equipment must first cut off the main power supply and in a prominent position hanging "maintenance equipment, do not power!" Warning signs.

In the production process, the electroplating equipment, such as the occurrence of malfunction, should first turn off the power, do the necessary checks and report to the technical department, or notify the supplier overhaul.

Note that the environment around the plating equipment clean, can not store miscellaneous goods, to avoid fire.

Do not let the fire source near the plating equipment, and to do a good job of fire safety measures.

In the daily production process, the operation of the equipment staff must master the performance of the entire equipment and accept the required training, in accordance with the instructions in the correct use of the operation.

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