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Climbing boom production line debugging steps

1. After the installation of the equipment carefully commissioned belt conveyor to meet the pattern requirements.

2. The reducer, moving parts filled with the corresponding lubricants.

3. Install the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the individual equipment after a manual test, combined with the commissioning belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the action.

4. Debug the electrical part of the climbing boom production line conveyor. Including the regulation of conventional electrical wiring and action, so that equipment has good performance, to achieve the design function and status.

The climbing boom production line is a kind of belt conveyor. Applicable to continuous conveyance of floor or overhaul goods. If the friction on the bottom of the cargo is large enough, you can use the surface of the pattern of non-slip belt; large angle climbing boom production line machine need to add baffles and skirts on the belt.

Rack optional Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

Belt material selection: PVC, PU, rubber, Teflon.

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