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Electroplating equipment production line maintenance

Maintenance is not only the maintenance of hardware, but also pay attention to the operator's standard operation. Electroplating equipment The flat design of the production line should ensure that the parts are transported at the shortest path, the production workers are operating the convenience, the service department operates the most efficient use area, and considers the interconnection between the plating equipment production line devices. In order to meet these needs, in the electroplating equipment production line plane placement should think about the way, the device placement method and other questions.

1, the head of the motor maintenance and maintenance of the transformer: Do not enter the water inside the motor, once the water will have the chance to cause damage to the motor damage caused by equipment operation is not up.

2, the chain of maintenance and maintenance: chain demand for more investigation, ground plus butter and lubricants, because the chain for a long time operation, lubricating liquid to understand the evaporation, and then cause the noise becomes larger, tend to creeping and other questions.

3, the head of the gear box repair and maintenance: the first use of the first quarter after the gear box in the remaining oil all finished, and then use gasoline, diesel and other decks to take a bath inside, and then the new lubrication The oil is added to the middle of the survey window. The next year after every year to operate it again.

Need to note: plating equipment production line lubricating oil plus too little will cause the gear box noise and overheating, and even the gear box of the void, and each time the oil can not go beyond the middle of the survey window, beyond too much will cause the gear box overheating, The motor load is too large and the maintenance switch is disconnected.

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